Need a break? Here’s a list of exceptional TV series you’d all love

Here’s a list of TV series, from foreign land and in foreign language, which does more than just hook you up till the end.

My love for languages and a hobby to learn more and more languages has taken me to many places and I’ve never regretted a single time. On the same note, I’ve been watching a long list of TV series, most in my target which is German language but many others too.

Now that we’re talking about non english series, worth mentioning: Marathi Language, being my mother tongue, I have seen a many series and same goes for the Hindi Language. There are many Hindi Language series that have came out in recent years and Asur by Voot stays at top for me.

Below is the list of my favourite TV series:

Brot: Also known as “The Valhalla Murders” is an amazing Icelandic Detective Drama. This eight episodes series just blends stunningly as you watch next episode and trust me, climax is truly surprising. After Trapped (listed below), Brot is 2nd Icelandic drama I’ve watched and loved.

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Brot Poster

Babylon Berlin: For a plain reason as to improve my German language skills, I began watching this series, but ended up loving it. It is a German Language crime drama, with amazing plots, sub plots, interesting characters, etc.

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Babylon Berlin

The Returned: Oh dear! This is one the most interesting, amazing and attention gripping French series. Original title goes “Les Revenants” and is a story of group of people who return, from being dead. Now, that the dead loved ones are returning, it creates unrest in the town and lies are spoken. Plot is way beyond interesting with much more compelling subplots and characters. One of the most enthralling character is of Victor aka Louis, his cute face and silence through the first season is amazing and kinda horrifying.

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This little boy is set to thrill you

Bad Banks: Another German series, set in financial world, where people step on each other for the purpose of touching the top. Revolving around Jana and her struggle to establish herself. Friends, Enemies, Colleagues, Truth, Lie, Plan, Betrayal and final blow. This series has a lot to offer in 2 seasons, 6 episodes per season.

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Bad Banks

A Very Secret Service: A French Comedy. Every single character here is amazing with perfect timing. An episode where they spend time in Soviet is way too hilarious. With limited characters, this french comedy delivers pure entertainment.

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The Very Secret Service.

Black Spot (Zone Blanche): Let me begin with, this series is yet to finish what is started, awaiting for 3rd season. This is another french series on my list, remarkable fusion of Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller and Super Natural substances. What stood me up was the supernatural element, it exposes itself slowly and every time it dragged you closer.

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Zone Blanche

Trapped: Already talked about Trapped here. It was world premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and has been watched widely. Offers you great plot involving Police Investigation, mesmerising cinematography and great writing.

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Hinterland: Major language here is English but has instances of Welsh Language. Set in remote locations, it follows personal and professional life of Tom Mathias. This series presents you with amazing scenery, interesting plots and much more.

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Rojst (The Mire): My first Polish Language Drama, it follows a young journalist’s struggle to uncover some hard to digest truths. As the series progress, we’re introduced with new facts and soon those facts are ruled out as lies and the climax is just something you’d never think of.

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Dark, of course is worth mentioning every time we speak about foreign language drama series. Hotel Beau Séjour, La Mante, and Dogs of Berlin are other series that I watched time ago.

Well, this is a short list of foreign language series, I’ve watched and loved and surely you’d feel the same. I find it always interesting to watch such foreign language series in the original audio with english subtitles, listening new words and a variety of stories to process. I never liked the dubbed audio as the sound does not match the lips.

To Conclude: Thanks for reading the full article and I hope I’ve given you a list and a multiple reasons to watch these international series. Currently. I am continuing the to-watch list of series.

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Writer, Traveller, Tea-Coffee-Movies Lover.

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  1. Kgomotso
    January 16, 2021

    Hi :). I’m not a huge fan of the the series genre you mentioned but I enjoyed your article and the writing. It was well written :).

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