What is Publish0x and how you can earn crypto by reading – A Simple Guide

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Crypto currency is at boom, every one is talking about it, listening about it and eager to earn through it. Here is a simple guide to explain you how you can earn a few crypto just by reading crypto related articles on Publish0x.

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I have been using Publish0x for some time now and it is not just about earning few crypto but about reading and exploring about the crypto world. There are a number of writers, crypto enthusiasts sharing their knowledge about the things happening in the crypto world.

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How to start earning on Publish0x:

To put it simply, firstly you register and then read articles.

  1. Register and get an account on Publish0x using this link.
  2. Start exploring and reading articles that interests you.
  3. After reading, you will see a Tipper at the bottom of the article, where you can tip the author and keep some for yourself.
  4. Using Tipper, you can give minimum of 20% to maximum of 80% to the author and remaining goes to you.

This is a simple way of earning on some crypto on Publish0x. This is a method I have been using and started earning a few crypto.
Use this link and get started with earning some crypto now: link

This is all about the Publish0x and I hope you will enjoy learning and earning.

Happy Learning!

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