Stock Market Related Interesting & Must Know ABBREVIATIONS

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As of May 2021, there has been tremendous amount of new investors and traders in India Stock Market. Huge number of retail, individual investors and traders trying their luck in Indian Stock Market.

As of July 2021, CDSL is the largest Depository with 4 crore demat accounts.

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To successfully trade in stock market and earn somethings, as a side income or full time, it is important to have proper understanding of how the market works.

Below is the list of short forms/Abbreviations that are frequently used in stock market.

ATM: At-The-Money

ITM: In-The-Money

IPO: Initial Public Offer

FIIs: Foreign Institutional Investors

P/E Ratio: Price Earning Ratio

EPS: Earning Per Share

NSDL: National Securities Depository Limited

CDSL: Central Depository Services (India) Limited

SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India

RBI: Reserve Bank of India

SEC: Securities Exchange Commission

BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange.

NSE: National Stock Exchange.

CSE: Calcutta Stock Exchange.

MSE: Metropolitan Stock Exchange.

India INX: India International Exchange

Other than these active Stock Exchanges, 20 exchanges has been closed down. Latest Stock Exchange to be shut down was Ahmadabad Stock Exchange, closed in 2018.

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F&O: Futures and Options

SGX-DT: The Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited

And the list would go on.

Other than such basic short forms, there are many many things that are kind of prerequisite to jump in market. As a small time, investor and a blogger, I will try and write more articles to help new comers and interested investors.

Sulaksh More at BSE
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Sulaksh More at BSE

Happy Trading!!!

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