For the love of life and taste – have a cup of tea

Not to promote the addiction of tea but we all are ready to do that one thing any time of the day. And for me, it is to have a cup of tea, and YES, literally, any time of the day, night included.

The Poem of Taste:

I am fan of every little thing that makes our life worth living another day and I think tea is quite underrated. It is amazing to see few interesting ingredients mix up together, blend in so perfectly to create a new poem of taste.

It is the feeling of being alive, with the first sip, is something that is quite amazing. Slowly, enjoying every sip, like reading a sweet, delicious poem of tasty words on your tongue.

I do have few friends just to maintain my taste. Me along with my friends, have travelled and went out of league to reach out new tastes in city. Reasons like a new cafe has been started, someone suggested me, or just a review on google would get us started,

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Black Tea


A friend of mine, while we were enjoying our tea and discussing, said that after he passes in Engg Maths, he would take us to Taj Hotel in Mumbai and treat us with most expensive cup of tea. Well for me, there was nothing to lose and a cup of tea to enjoy. Days passed and we planned our trip to Mumbai, I took care of train tickets and we were in the Financial Capital of India. It was our first time in Mumbai city together and we enjoyed it.

We reached the Taj Hotel, went into The Sea Lounge and went ahead to order our tea. So, we had 3 types of teas, each for everyone and the bill came out as around Rs.1,700/- only. I would at no instance dwell on the price because the experience we had was amazing, something that every tea lover must enjoy.

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I hope you all enjoy your cup(s) of tea and live your days happily.

Sulaksh More Written by:

Writer, Traveller, Tea-Coffee-Movies Lover.


  1. SanketX
    July 16, 2020

    Where there’s tea, there’s hope…

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