Amazing Momentary trip to Konkan by a new route

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Glad to be able to start writing and sharing my experience again. I have been going through life settling changes and was unable to complete an article. But this one is special and with an aim to finish it one go, I DID IT!

Konkan and Me:

By far, you’ve surely understood my relation with the region set in the valley of Western Ghats. I usually don’t wait for a reason to visit my hometown and sometimes all I need is an empty weekend and I’m on my way. Except my visits on Ganpati and Shimga Festival, I have always tried to visit once in a while and I’ve always been happier.

What’s the New Route & WHY:

By far, I have travelled and entered the Konkan region by the eastern route and stay on NH 66 for a while until Khed. But recently I started a new job as Technical Writer and had to relocate to…..GOA!

With my experience as a software developer and writing skills, I started my journey as a technical writer. Did some side gigs, freelancing stuff and full time tech writing too. That helped me in landing a better opportunity and here I am, In GOA.

Now that I am in Goa, I have a new route to travel and explore and that’s what I DID. It was unplanned quick trip but never say no.

Second Route:

Until now, the only route I knew and travelled on was Pune-Mahad-Khed-Wadgaon, via Bhor or Mangaon. But for the first time, I am working and staying in Goa, which means I have a new route now.

This route is: Mapusa-Sawantwadi-Ratnagiri-Khed-Wadgoan. For the first time, I entered Konkan from the southern entrance and had a blast. Below image tells you two of the route I have used by far:

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Quickly, checked for train tickets and luckily I saw a few available. Applied for leave on Friday and booked for Thursday night, had a peaceful, away-from-city-and-tech weekend and returned back early Monday morning.

Finally, I must admit it has been an amazing experience, as always it has been.

Hope you guys are well and I hope I’ll write and publish something new soon.

Happy Travelling! Happy Blogging!

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