The Language Learning method that I am employing and how it has been working really good for me and for many others.

It has been an absolutely fantastic journey, exploring and learning new language. For me, the language is German. Many have, on several occasions, asked me why I am learning German and most probably I answered, “because Germany is leading nation into Auto and Tech, and I intend to explore international culture.”. BUT honestly speaking, I’d blame the great German authors I know and whom I’ve read of, for pushing me the place where the need to learn the language was important.

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But German isn’t the only language I am learning. I am a Language Enthusiastic. I am fascinated by the languages, the way they are spoken and read and the way we learn that there can be a same word with different meaning in two different languages. Along my Language Learning Journey, I’ve learned a lot, met a lot new people and for surely, have a insanely different perspective of the life, as we live it and the way they live it.

Moving on, the simple method that any language learner can follow and achieve a level of mid level fluency confidence. This method consist of around five steps and they are as follows:

ALPHABET: If you are really serious, just get a pen and book, write down and learn the alphabets and the ways to pronounce them properly. Then move on extra characters that a language might have.

GREETING: This is fun part, where you learn the most basic but widely used sentences, which are greetings, just HELLO and BYE. This is surely motivate and get you a step ahead.

COMMON PHRASES: These common phrases will give you a brief look into the native’s daily life and will help you understand what words and sentence are majorly used.

NUMBERS: Numbers can be learned easily but things change when we are to pronounce them. Every language has different pronunciations but can be easily learned at least 0 to 10. Then go on Ordinal numbers.

NOUNS: Any simple word, that specifies name for thing, place, people, etc is a noun and places an important role in language learning. I’ve learned that German Language has a long list of nouns as any other language and these German nouns can be identified because these nouns are capitalised.

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Other than these steps, I have learned that articles can be sometimes difficult, German language has three basic articles but these articles change based on the following word. Same goes with my mother tongue Marathi.

To Wrap It Up: Language learning is a fun hobby, it is interesting and exposes you to vivid world of different cultures. Every Language is equally interesting and provides you an amazing learning experience. Learn a Language and develop a new skill, open your eyes to a whole new world.

Happy Learning!

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