Interesting Yet Simple ways to Make Life Simple

We are all creature of habits and we do things repeatedly, we enjoy things we like and hate things otherwise. We all have our philosophies about our life and how to live it.

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Here’s my short list of things to do, in order to make your life a bit simpler:

In recent times, I have learned one thing and that is to stay away from News. Not to completely shut yourself off the current affairs but also not over consuming news.

Spend Money to experience new things. Don’t just buy that new car or house, make sure enjoy the feel of owning it.

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Develop yourself to be Strong and Optimistic in every possible situation. Control your thoughts.

YES!, try and say Yes to new things that come to your way. It’s always better to learn something new.

There are things you can control and there are things that you can’t control, so stop thinking about things out of your control and work on things you can control.

Welcome change and new things. Adopt new habits, learn a new skill.

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Compete and improve, against yourself. Make sure your growth isn’t halted.

Do what you love and enjoy your work.

Pick your circle that talks about growth and implements similar habits. Share good values.

Have hobbies and make time to enjoy it.

You enjoy when you are the reason for someone’s happiness.

Monitor what you consume, mentally and physically. Read good books and have a healthy diet.

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Don’t take things seriously and enjoy the little things.

These are some things that I have recently learned from many of my peers and upon self reflection, you’ll learn that these untaught skills are the very basis of our happiness in simple terms.

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