Most Useful & Interesting App When Learning A Foreign Language

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Learning a new language is truly fun, initially… but as we go deeper, it begins to be less exciting. One major issue arrives when we understand that we don’t live in our target language environment. For eg, when learning German, living in India, I’ve never had to use German outside my learning hours. This same goes for why we adapted our mother tongue so easily at the youngest age. Environment matters.

Have I got a solution?? Yep!

We might not be privileged to have an environment supporting our target language but what we can do is create one virtually.

Being a writer, I’ve always enjoyed spending my time playing word games, where I’m challenged with new words and learning new meanings. And that is when it hit me, if I can use such games to get better at English why not some foreign language. And so, I’ve tried a few apps or games that I believe will be of immense help.

The Obvious Apps:

Let’s begin with the list of apps that most of you would have heard of or already using:

  • Duo lingo
  • Babbel 
  • HelloTalk 
  • Busuu 
  • And then we have YouTube, Udemy, etc.

Here’s my first recommendation:

Words of Wonders: Crossword: This is an English language app, but inspired by this, you can find an app that works similarly for your target language.

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In this fantastic crossword game, you will improve your vocabulary and spelling skills at the same time you travel around the world discovering the hidden secrets of the 7 wonders and also incredible cities.

About the game

Play store link and Apple store link.

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Now, we have a German-focused app named German Game: Word Game.

I have been learning German and this game has been a real help. It is simple, easy and wonderful. You see a word, then click on the correct image that represents the word. You will learn really a lot of words easily. Try it.

Play store link.

Listening to any material in your target language helps you a lot, be it a song, an audiobook, or radio FM. Here’s one of my favorite apps that lets you listen to any radio channel over the globe.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden allows you to listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.

Radio Garden.

Play Store Link and Apple Store Link.

My all-time favorite is to get some audiobooks in my target language and listen every time possible. Open to all your suggestions, drop a comment and let me know what language you are learning.

Happy Learning!

Glückliches Lernen!

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