My Exploration of Goa – Food, People and Places

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And welcome back to my Exploration of Goa Series. In this post, I’ll take you guys through my experience as a non tourist in Goa, interacting with people, understanding the culture and food, along with visiting places that are kind of hidden or not usually visited by the tourist.

Let’s Dive In!

First thing first, Goa has huge Portuguese influence and it is well reflected in the culture and day to day things. First thing you might notice is the names. City or area names, street name, etc are quite unusual and interesting. Pronunciation might differ with language. For ex, I stay in Porvorim, as written and pronounced in English but Marathi or Konkani name for the same location is Parvari.

If you’ll spend more time and travel enough in Goa, you’ll come across names like Gaura Waddo or Mazal Waddo. As per my sources, Waddo defines a small area, say multiple Waddo(s) under one village . We then have VPs, meaning Village Panchayat, governing body for villages.

Here are few names I found interesting: Marra, Parra, Pilerne, Betim, Reis Magos, etc. Just covering the area I live in and travel often.

Here I’ve tried to talk about places and not suggesting them to be tourist spots. This is my perspective and understanding comparing with my travel to rest of places.


Talking about people and the language spoken, both are sweet and lovely. People I’ve met so far, be it colleagues or around my place and market, are basically, chill. I come from Pune city, where it is quite common to see arguments or fights in public places (not demeaning but comparing on a specific point), which is totally unlike Goa.

Depending on which part you’re staying, you’ll encounter people with different languages but Konkani is primary language in most parts of Goa. And if you have good command over your Marathi, you might be able to understand Konkani. Now, the Konkani spoken in Konkan region is not the same as spoken in Goa, at least not the copy, though few similarities.

I’d like to distinguish Goan people, who are basically born and bred in Goa, follow and represent the culture with the people doing business in Goa but might not be necessarily Goan. Section of traders and business owners are not Goan and lack the coolness, which results in rude behaviour and tourist mistake them to be “the people of Goa”.

My personal experience with actually Goan people has been great compared to the so-called-we-do-business-in-goa-so-we-are-GOANs kind.


My first Ferry Ride: Recently, with monsoon getting serious, we don’t usually plan ahead and are always open to spur of the moment plans. Over one such weekend, one of my mate had to visit Divar Island, in Panji and I was invited.

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Now, Divar island is not in the middle of the ocean, like Grande island is. It is located on short distance from Panji City and Island is completely surrounded by River Mondovi and has no bridge, which is the reason why they have ferry rides for individuals and vehicles. Due to heavy rains as we reached the Island, we were not much able to explore it but if you have a chance, do check it out.

On my list:

Wine Museum, Spice Farms, Three Kings Church (likely Haunted),

Over the month of June, I had less opportunities to explore Goa by road, due to weather and unexpected trip to Konkan.

Keeping this short, I will talk about FOOD in another individual post.

Until then, Happy Traveling!!!

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