Simple things in life that matters the most

Life is what we make of it and we are results of our habits. Let’s check on some daily habits that does have an enormous impact on our life.

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We are direct results of what habits we develop, what our interests and skills are, our friends circle, our surroundings, etc. Here’s a list of things that we can do, with least efforts and develop ourselves into the best version of ours.

Our Relationship with Nature:

If you have ever spent time in nature, which means away from all your technology and cars & so and sat quietly under a tree, you might have had an instance of connectivity, which defines the basic yet most important relationship we, humans have with the mother nature.

If you’ve ever observed, our biological bodies, the way we are made of and connected with is a crystal clear reflection of the soil and trees. We have a deep relationship with nature but we are to busy to understand it. Have a Break & spend time with nature, you’ll learn a lot.

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Well, reading is one of the most interesting habit that can break you out of the limitations of mind and set you afar on road to imagination. Reading is one of the habits that you’d never regret of doing and will always be fruitful. So, READ.

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Ask Questions:

The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” — Confucius

Have doubts, question what you don’t understand and learn. Asking questions might is only going to set you a step ahead. It is also common in our society that the one who asks questions is dumb, well now that he has his answers and he’s pretty clever.

Learn as much as you can, for as long as you can:

Learning and improvising is what we, as humans have been doing for millions of years. We saw something new, we tried it, made mistakes, tried again and learnt and then we wrote it down for others to learn. That is what we all have been doing.

It is also common to say that once you cross this age you won’t learn, well you can try. There are many examples of people achieving something extraordinary after a certain age. So whatever your age is, try new things and learn.

What would people think:

It is common to have doubts before we do something, but to lean in and submit to those doubts is a sign of defeat before the war.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” –Suzy Kassem

Whatever you do, people will say something today and they’ll forget it tomorrow, why, because something else did something tomorrow and now people are talking about them. You are doing nothing good to yourself by sinking yourself in such thoughts.

Have Interests:

No one has ever regretted having an interesting hobby or an amazing skill. You are a reflection of your habits, skills, hobbies, etc. So, develop hobbies that are interesting and do it with passion. We all have separate hobbies and more we focus on these hobbies they turn into our skills and eventually our expertise.

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Teach & Study:

Putting these two in one basket because they are kinda like two sides of a single coin. When you study, you learn, you are exposed to a whole lot new stuff. And in order learn something in better and effective way, teach it to somebody else.

When you teach someone, two people learn.


You will never learn anything without trying it and no one has ever tried anything without making mistakes. Capisce.

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And Finally, It is OK to not know:

There was time when we knew nothing out of all that we know today. There are still people who might not know as much as you do and of course, you don’t know it all. So, it is alright if you don’t know how tie a tie or drive a car. But not to try these things, not to ask questions about it, is not OK.

Life has a lot to offer for someone who is willing to leave comfort and embark on journey to find it, no one’s being served. Try it, make mistakes, fall, get up back and continue. It is what Life is about.

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